Learning is Living

By Yours Truly

Simply put; “the more you learn, the longer you live”. It’s just that easy, but I’ll continue. Just like lifting weights build up your muscles, learning provides stimulation to your brain that causes it to grow stronger. Our brains begin to break down due to diseases, or naturally from getting older. Living a healthy lifestyle can protect us from disease, but we also have to account for father time. To protect our brains from aging we have to be constantly learning new things. The biggest mistake most people make is they stop learning once they finish with school. Here are a few* ideas to continue learning once your finish with school. 

Get Certified 

Me personally, I became a personal trainer. Next up is message school, and then I’ll become a yogi. Within most professions there are “continued education” courses that will ensure you continue learning throughout life. 

Find a Hobby 

Most people pick their field of study or career based on the bacon it brings home. Nothing wrong with that; but find something on the side that brings joy to your life. Being happy extends your lifespan also, but I need to save that for another day. 

Start a Business 

One step better than starting a hobby, is starting a business. What’s the difference? The money, cabbage, ducats, scrilla, guop… Anyways, if you can find a way to bring in the dough from your hobby, then you my friend have a business.  


As great as learning is, sitting in a classroom for hours at a time sucks. Not only is sitting down horrible, most teachers these days are just flat out boring. Get out of your comfort zone and learn first-hand from seeing the world. 

Learn an Instrument 

If you’ve always wanted to play an instrument, then take some lessons. It’s never “too late”, and it for sure isn’t “impossible” to do. Let the professionals guide you, and let the rest unfold. If you love to sing, your voice is an instrument too. 

Game Nights

Playing games is my favorite way to learn. All games will stimulate your brain, but the added social impact from having others around is even better. I learn all my Spanish from playing monopoly with Hispanic chicks. Learning can be fun.

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