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“It’s not about what you know, but who you know”, “two heads are better than one”, “strength in numbers” and any other phrase people use to talk about how “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” are all right in my book. I’m glad we finally have the research to prove it. It’s called social health. The better we are at getting along with others, the better off we are as individuals. You want to live longer; connect with more people.  

Some of us don’t need any help at all. We love being around people. As long as the right people are around, anything we do is enjoyable. On the other hand, some people fear being in sociable settings. They only go out when they have to, and leave as soon as they can. Then there are some who love to go out, but need some healthier alternatives. Social health is important, but you don’t want to compromise the other four areas of health while at it. Here are some pointers on increasing your social health, without ruining other areas in your life: 

Join an Organization 

A great way to meet people is to join a group of like minded people. It’s easier to get along with people if they are similar to you. If you know you’re not great at meeting random people, find an organization of people with common goals and interest. If you can’t find a group dong what you like, start your own club. 

Pride Kills 

Women live longer than men because they make use of their social networks more. It’s one thing to have a social network in place, but you also have to be willing to turn to it for help. It’s ok to ask for help. If you don’t like showing people you’re weaknesses, then they will never be able to help you. 

Choose Wisely 

Social connections can be great, but be aware of who you let in your life. Everyone you meet isn’t going to better your life. You may even need to evaluate your current relationships and let some of them go too. 

Think Health 

When choosing the activities you participate in, make sure it’s healthy overall. If the social group you hang with is brining you down mentally, physically, spiritually, or hurting the environment; find another option. Maybe instead of changing the activity completely, you just need to make some minor changes. Use protective gear if you’re doing something dangerous. Leave the alcohol out (or use less) in drinking games. Be creative. 

Love Yourself 

Stop worrying about how other people think of you and be happy. We’re all different. Before you can start building your relationships with others, you have to work on yourself first. Sometimes I don’t like being around people, but then I realize it’s because I’m not happy, not that everyone around me is lame. 

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