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By Yours Truly

Health is a combination of mental, physical, and social well being. Being healthy is necessary for proper growth and development. It allows us to live happier, feel better, and get the most out of life. When healthy individuals are performing at their best, they add more value to society overall. A healthier society also requires fewer resources, leading to an additional increase in an economy’s production. The health status of the individuals within a society determines the health status of everything around it.  

Becoming a healthier society depends on how we interact with the environment and individuals around us. We teach that taking care of ourselves is important, but we forget to talk about taking care of others. Knowing your environment is responsible for your own success; you should try to take care of everyone and everything around you. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. In order for us to fully grow as individuals and experience all the benefits of living a healthy life ourselves, we must take care of everyone and everything else at the same time.

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