Personal Training (Prices)
Personal training sessions are for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Clients are provided customized exercise programs tailored to meet their goals and health needs. Workouts can be geared towards: sports performance, weight management, or improving overall health. Packages include monthly assessment tests with body analysis, nutritional guidance, and help with goal setting and time management. 



On-line Personal Training  - (Prices)
On-line training programs allow me to guide you to success, even when I'm not able to meet with you in person. Each program comes with: an initial assessment session, a month's worth of daily customized workouts, accountability session, and unlimited email support. Sessions may be held by phone, webcam, or on-line chat. 

Group Classes (Prices)
Mobility and Foundation: 
Energize, strengthen, and repair your entire body with the mixed benefits of yoga and massage therapy. Learn self-myofascial release techniques, train your core, and increase your balance and flexibility through creative and fun routines designed to improve your body’s overall health. Individuals of all fitness levels and ages are encouraged to participate.

Interval Training Class:
This class is for individuals looking for a hard-core, fast-paced workout. Through and strength exercises you’ll burn fat while building lean muscle. A non-stop series will cycle functional exercises with active rest to keep the heart rate elevated and ensure fast fitness results. The class offers a ton of variety and will host a different workout each time.